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Vibra FS series

timbangan Vibra FS series

Platform scale

High precision weighing for every process in the manufacturing

Common Specification

Tare Zero to Full weighing range
Span adjustment Manual operation Span Adjustment with external calibration weight
Ingress Protection Rating IP65
Over error “o-Err” showed when Full weight range + 9 more digits over
Temperature and humidity range 5 ~ 40℃、Up to 85% rh(without the dew condensation)
Power source AC adapter Input 100-240VAC / Output 6VDC and dry-cell battery *1
Output RS232C(Dsub 9Pin)+Printer out put(Din 8Pin)
Scale cable length 5m for FS 150K1GF and 300K1GF.1m for all other models. *2


  • High precision weighing in manufacturing process
  • Wide weighing range from 620g up to 300kg
  • IP65 water and dust proof
  • Dry-cell battery drive as standard feature
  • OIML and EU class2 approved

High Capacity and High Precision – Two in One

FS series attains high capacity and high precision in single unit. With FS 300K1GF model, you can measure up to 300KG with 1g readability, which satisfies two demands in single unit, high capacity and high resolution. Unique technology “tuning-fork” sensor enables “two-in-one” feature. This unique technology also ensures excellent weighing performance and long-term stability even in tough condition.

Reliable measurement for every process in manufacturing

FS series helps your daily weighing operation in every process in manufacturing line. With weighing range from 620g to 300kg and minimum read-out 1mg, FS can cover every process, in-bound material control, production, inspection and out-bound control, etc…

Selectable indicator, i02

You can choose one of two indicators, i02 type and i03 type. i02 type is simple indicator with single display.

Selectable indicator, i03

You can choose one of two indicators, i02 type and i03 type. i03 type has two sub-displays in which two additional information can be indicated (tare weight, gross weight, lower and upper limit, etc..).It make weighing operation easier and more comfortable.

IP65 water & dust proof, easy to clean

All models in FS series have IP protection (rating 65) which allows FS to be used in tough environment. After daily operation you can wash FS with water and keep balance in clean condition.

Dry-cell battery drive

FS series can be operated with dry-cell battery as well as with power supply from AC adaptor.


Model name FS623 FS3202 FS6202 FS15001
Capacity 620g 3200g 6200g 15000g
Readability (d) 0.001g 0.01g 0.01g 0.1g
Verification intervals (e) 0.01g 0.1g 0.1g 1g
Repeatability 0.001g 0.01g 0.01g 0.1g
Linearity ±0.002g ±0.02g ±0.02g ±0.2g
Stabilization time 3.0 sec. 3.0 sec. 3.0 sec. 3.0 sec.
Pan size 140mm dia 190 x 190mm 190 x 190mm 190 x 190mm
Dimentions(WDH) 294 x 352 x 570mm


Model name FS30K0.1G FS60K0.1G FS100K1G FS200K1G
Capacity 30kg 60kg 100kg 200kg
Readability (d) 0.1g 0.1g 1g 1g
Verification intervals (e) 1g 1g 10g 10g
Repeatability 0.1g 0.1g 1g 1g
Linearity ±0.1g ±0.2g ±2g ±2g
Stabilization time 3.0 sec. 2.5 sec. 2.5 sec. 2.0 sec.
Pan size 310 x 330mm 380 x 530mm 380 x 530mm 380 x 530mm
Dimentions(WDH) 310 x 444 x 672mm 380 x 653 x 804mm


Model name FS150K1GF FS300K1GF
Capacity 150kg 300kg
Readability (d) 1g 1g
Verification intervals (e) 10g 10g
Repeatability 0.7g 0.8g
Linearity ±3g ±5g
Stabilization time 2.0 sec. 2.0 sec.
Pan size 800 x 600mm 800 x 600mm
Dimentions(WDH) 800 x 600 x x142mm


  • Back-light LCD display
  • Counting
  • Percent
  • RTS software download
  • IP65 standard compliant dust-proof & water-proof structure


Model No. Option Name
FS-RS additional RS232C output
FS-R4 RS422A output
FS-LM Relay contact
FS-DS Display stand
FS-PK Pole stand
FS-SC Extended scale cable (per 5m, max.30m)
FS-WS Windshield for FS 623 (S, M, L. Three sizes selectable)
FS-OX(S) Communication option box (S)
FS-OX(M) Communication option box (M)

Peripheral equipment

Model No. Peripheral Name
CBM-910Ⅱ Standard Printer
RTS Data-collecting Software
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